Elevate .NET Code Quality With NDepend: A Powerful Analysis Tool

In this blog post, I’ll introduce NDepend, a static code analysis tool designed for .NET and .NET Core projects. NDepend offers features such as code metrics, dependency analysis, technical debt estimation, and code rule enforcement to help you assess and enhance your code quality. The post will guide you through using NDepend to analyze your code base, identify issues, and implement best practices. While we’ll touch on its comparison with SonarQube, the main focus will be on understanding NDepend’s product and features. If you’re a .NET developer, NDepend can be a valuable asset for code improvement.

Full Text Search With ElasticSearch And .NetCore

Photo by Tobias Aeppli

In the ever-expanding realm of contemporary systems, where data storage is more abundant and cost-effective, our data repositories grow rapidly. From basic text files to content-rich multimedia documents, we accumulate a diverse range of data. The challenge arises when the need to search for specific data, words, or phrases—whether through a direct search or related terms—calls for thoughtful consideration and the right tools.

Among the tools available today, Elasticsearch stands out as a mature search engine, residing at the core of the Elastic Stack. With a robust foundation and widespread adoption across various fields, Elasticsearch has proven itself as a reliable and versatile solution. This blog post kicks off by explaining the fundamentals and concepts of Elasticsearch, shedding light on its workings. Later, it offers a practical, easily understandable implementation guide that addresses various aspects of text search and analytics. We’ll delve into working with Elasticsearch in .Net Core 8, using the new Elasticsearch C# client (version 8.0+), covering indexing, searching, and ultimately aggregating data.

Whether you’re new to navigating the world of Elasticsearch or a seasoned explorer aiming to deepen your understanding, I hope this two-part guide help get you up to speed easily in working in ElasticSearch for full text search and analysis in .net core.